The following are the certified instructors of Running Fist:

  • Robert Scott
  • Astroon Robinson
  • Tara McCarney
  • Joe Visciano
  • Charles Weston
  • Jonathan Goldberg
  • Charles Alba
  • Casey Martin
  • Chris Lyle
  • Aaron Gaddy
  • Cequence Henry
  • Abby Thompson
  • Kira Taft
  • Gregg Scevoli
  • Loraine Rushton
  • Stephan Osterwalder
  • Michael Burns

Chinese Titles

Sidai – is the Chinese word for “teacher younger brother.”

Simui – is the Chinese word for “teacher younger sister.”

Sije (shi-jie) – is the Chinese word for “teacher senior sister.”

Sihing (shi-xiong) – is the Chinese word for “teacher senior brother.”

Simu (shi-mu) – means “teacher mother;” she is your Sifu’s wife.

Sifu (shi-fu) – the Chinese word for your own martial arts instructor, means “teacher, father.”

Sibak – is your teacher’s senior, it literally means “teacher’s Uncle”

Sigung (shi-gong) – is your Sifu’s teacher; it literally means “teacher father or grandfather.”

Sijo (shi-zong) – which is Josi flipped backwards. It refers to the founder of a specific system. Great-grandfather or your teacher’s teacher’s teacher.

Josi (zong-shi) – is a great teacher of a particular martial style; literally means “ancestral teacher.”