Sikung Lewis Hendersen

Master Instructor Running Fist Kung Fu

Sikung Henderson began his martial training at the age of 10. He’s been training now for the past 45 years and is the present instructor to the Vermont Branch of the Running Fist King Fu School, under the guidance of Sijo James Robinson.

Sikung Henderson has trained in many different systems and sty;e of martial arts ranging from Japanese Karate, Korean Karate, as well as different systems of Kung Fu. he began his training in Shorin Ryu Karate under Master Terry Maracone. Upon entering the United States Air Force Sikung Henderson continued his training under Sifu Edwin Hernandez in Si Lum Kung Fu, Sifu Eugene Malloy in Chun Li Kung Fu, and Master Robert Price in Tang So Do Karate. He is at present teaching Running Fist Kung Fu under the guidance of its founder, Sijo James Robinson.

Mr Henderson was inducted into the American Federation of Martial Arts in 2004 for the “Silver Lifetime Achievement Award”. 2005 Action Martial Arts Magazine for the “Excellence in Teaching the Martial Arts Spirit Award”, 2006 Martial Arts Magazine for the Reinduction Ambassador Award, 2007 The American Federation of Martial Arts “Golden Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Sikung Henderson was also the alternate participant for the famed Triple Threat Seminar Team consisting Sijo James Robinson, Soke Thoman Gettling and Sikung Kasey Cheung. He is also a current member of the World Warrior Alliance.