The following are the certified full instructors of Running Fist by generation, if someone is not on this list, they are not a full instructor of Running Fist:

RFKF Sifus by Generations

1st Generation:

  • Robert Barravecchio
  • Ruel Tanega
  • Robert Fernandez
  • Kevin (James) Knipfing

2nd Generation:

  • Sibak Louis Markstrom
  • Sean Donavan
  • Sikung Lewis Henderson
  • Kenneth Burns

3rd Generation:

  • Sikung Kasey Cheung
  • Hillel Gorelick

4th Generation:

  • Daniel Leek
  • Chris Devito
  • Karin Tyree
  • Andrea Bernstein
  • Barbara Jordan
  • Ken Wickline

5th Generation:

  • Manny Mastres
  • Mike Orfanakis
  • Madeline Nicole Rivera
  • Brian Kiesel
  • Mathew French

6th Generation:

  • Natalie Cheung
  • Curtis Campbell