1st Generation:
• Robert Barravecchio
• Ruel Tanega
• Robert Fernandez
• Kevin (James) Knipfing

2nd Generation:
•Sibak Louis Markstrom
• Sean Donavan
• Sikung Lewis Henderson
• Kenneth Burns

3rd Generation:
• Sikung Kasey Cheung
• Hillel Gorelick

4th Generation:
• Daniel Leek
• Chris Devito
• Karin Tyree
• Andrea Bernstein
• Barbara Jordan
• Ken Wickline

5th Generation:
• Manny Mastres
• Mike Orfanakis
• Madeline Nicole Rivera
• Brian Kiesel
• Mathew French

6th Generation:
• Natalie Cheung
Curtis Campbell

Our Mission

To help the student develop spiritually, mentally and physically, so that he or she can readily adapt to the many challenges of every day life.