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We have instructors throughout the US and internationally. Find out more about each one here and start your Running Fist journey.

  • Develop mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • Find purpose and be part of a global community.

  • Learn to find flow and how to deal with life’s challenges.


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Sijo James Robinson began his martial training in 1964. His martial background includes Shotokan, Judo, Tai Chi Chuan, Five Animal Kung Fu and Wing Chun. He is a founding member of World Warrior Alliance aka WWA and a co-founder of World Warrior Camp, which was the largest martial arts camp in the NY area.

Sijo Robinson has various Hall of Fame inductions and awards to his credit for his time and dedication to the martial arts. He is a member of the Triple Threat Seminars Team and to this day, he still travels nationally and internationally conducting seminars and promoting martial arts.

He is the former United States Director for the American Federation of Martial Arts aka AFMA. Sijo Robinson can be seen in the 2012 movie “Here Comes the Boom” as the “Factory Fighter” with long time student and friend Kevin James. READ MORE >

Class Schedule: Sunday 3-5pm

Other Instructors: Sije Kira Taft

Phone: (802) 365-4514



Sikung Henderson began his martial training at the age of 10. He’s been training now for the past 45 years and is the present instructor to the Vermont Branch of the Running Fist King Fu School, under the guidance of Sijo James Robinson.

Sikung Henderson has trained in many different systems and sty;e of martial arts ranging from Japanese Karate, Korean Karate, as well as different systems of Kung Fu. he began his training in Shorin Ryu Karate under Master Terry Maracone. Upon entering the United States Air Force Sikung Henderson continued his training under Sifu Edwin Hernandez in Si Lum Kung Fu, Sifu Eugene Malloy in Chun Li Kung Fu, and Master Robert Price in Tang So Do Karate. He is at present teaching Running Fist Kung Fu under the guidance of its founder, Sijo James Robinson. READ MORE >

Class Schedule:

Monday and Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Other Instructors: Sifu Manny Mastres, Sifu Ken Wickline, Sije Natalie Cheung

Phone: +631-236-2555



Renshi / Sikung Kasey Cheung’s extensive studies in a variety of martial art styles, has allowed him to develop a highly effective system of integrated martial arts. At the core of Kasey’s teaching method lies a belief in ‘open learning,’ utilizing some of the most effective techniques from various styles of martial arts, and self defense. 

Sikung Cheung has been involved in the martial arts since 1984. His deep passion and belief in the arts has led him to a lifetime of teaching. He has the ability to unlock the potential of both young and old, allowing everyone to see exactly what their mind and bodies are capable of.

I started training in martial arts in 1999 under Josi James Robinson founder and head instructor of runningfist kung fu. I became a Sifu under Josi James Robinson June of 2015 and I am also recognized as a san dan under world warrior alliance at the same time. My interest in martial arts came at a young age watching old Bruce Lee, Jet Lee and Jackie Chan movies. I am currently training under SiKung Kasey Cheung who is also an instructor in Running Fist Kung fu and Intergrated Martial Arts Center.


Kenneth started training in 2003 at the age of 42 under Sikung Kasey Cheung. He became interested in the Art and started training because his children were taking classes at the school. After fifteen minutes into his first class (which only included the warm-up) he was exhausted and ready to quit. Kenneth did make it through the class, with the realization he was totally out of shape. Kenneth informed Sikung he didn’t think he could continue, but Sikung encouraged him and told him to try another class as it will only get easier. Kenneth did try another class, but it wasn’t any easier. Since he was overweight and out of shape, he knew this was something he had to do. Kenneth’s feeling was that he would try to attend classes until the summer came and he got into a little better shape. After getting involved and feeling the results of training, Kenneth became more motivated. He looked up to the younger kids in class, who were green belts at the time, and thought if he could achieve some of what they were doing like executing sharp techniques and controlled kicks that would be awesome. His next goal was to get a green belt and stop, but something clicked and he couldn’t get enough Martial Arts. From that point on, he has participated and competed in national seminars and tournaments, taking 1st place in many events. He received his black belt in 2007 and is currently a Nidan. His love of the Arts continues to grow. Through Sikung, he has had many opportunities to learn from other Masters and with Sikung’s support, Kenneth continues to expand his knowledge and arsenal attending other schools. In 2009, Kenneth earned a red sash in Running Fist Kung Fu under Josi James Robinson. His motto has always been “just keep showing up”. He shares his sentiment with everyone telling them whether or not you feel like going, just show up as you will feel better when you are done. That is how he did it. Kenneth constantly studies and is always looking to improve himself. His positive attitude is contagious and has helped many others excel in the Art.


Natalie Cheung began her martial arts study in 2009. She started as a curious observer fascinated by how the techniques were executed, and a desire to figure it all out.  As a student she began to truly appreciate the ideas and philosophy put forward and gained a deeper understanding of the body mechanics and delivery of the various styles.

Natalie works alongside her husband and Sikung, Kasey Cheung to help teach the kids program at Integrated Martial Arts Center.

She currently hold the title of Sije and the rank of red sash. Sije Natalie is a certified yoga instructor and has integrated her yoga training into her martial arts instruction classes.

She has an active lifestyle and noticed how martial arts training has benefited in her other hobbies such as rock climbing, yoga, running and kayaking.

Class Schedule:

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Phone: +61 405 559 149



Lou Markstrom is the Head Instructor of Running Fist Australia. Lou began his martial arts journey at the age of 9 in 1979. He first trained in an American Eclectic Style of martial arts and received the rank of Shodan in 1986. Lou began training in Running Fist Kung-fu under Sijo James Robinson in 1984. He was promoted to Sifu in 1996, awarded his 5th Dan in 2014 and promoted to Sibak in 2017. Lou is honoured, humbled, and proud to be the “elder” of the Sifu’s of Running Fist and to help guide their journeys. He is a regular instructor at World Warrior Alliance events. Over the years, he has trained in a variety of martial arts including Shotokan, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, Boxing and Kick Boxing.  READ MORE >

Class Schedule: Sundays 9am, Thursdays 6pm




Sifu Brian Kiesel has been involved in various forms of Martial Arts for the past 30 years. His journey began in wrestling and shoot fighting in which he placed 3rd in New York State. From there, he began training in boxing as well as Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. His Running Fist journey started in 2003 under Sifu Barravechio and then directly with Sijo Robinson. Brian began teaching Running Fist in 2008 as a Sihing in Colorado and was promoted to Sifu in 2018.

His teaching experience includes having trained Fort Collins LEOs and a group of Military from the local Air Force Base. Out of his commitment to women being able to protect themselves, Brian also runs free women’s self-defence seminars every month.

Working as a Security Specialist and in Executive Protection for Celebrities, Professional Athletes, and High Net Worth Individuals, Brian has gained extensive knowledge of situational awareness, surveillance and counter surveillance. Offensive and Defensive Driving, etc. Because of his line of work, Brian has had to apply his knowledge in over 100 real world situations., Brian is very clear on “how it really goes down” and he passes this knowledge onto his students.

He is a member of:
NABA (North American Bodyguard Association)

Class Schedule: please email for class schedule and details

Phone: 802-490-8189



I began my journey in 1996 studying taekwondo at the age of sixteen. In 2010 I began my training with Sikung Lewis Henderson and running fist Kung fu. Sikung opened doors for me to be able to train with a multitude of different practitioners from many different styles. I have been blessed to be a part of world warrior camps, world warrior summits, WWA free workouts and a member of the world warrior alliance.

Class Schedule:

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Class Schedule:


Phone: 336-391-7521



Casey is a red sash/ sihing in Running Fist Kung Fu, recognized as a 3rd degree black sash in Full Circle Gung Fu, a Sifu in Original Jeet Kune Do (jun Fan Gung fu) Jeet Kune Do Concepts( jkd with Filipino martial arts integrated). Has also studied Jujitsu, emperors long Fist and Wing Chun.
Aside from martial arts he is also a Certified group fitness instructor.

Casey teaches eclectic style called Full Circle Gung Fu, it is a system with its roots in Jun Fan Gung fu, Running Fist and Kali-Silat. With that being said,Casey says “only my most dedicated students are invited to train exclusively in Running Fist and claim a link to that art. I do this because Running Fist isn’t just an art, it’s a family and that is something very special to me and it is not something I want to share with people who are not going to commit to the martial arts”.



Chris Lyle is recognized as a Sihing level Instructor in Full Circle Gung Fu. He has been training with us for 5 years. Prior to training in Full Circle Gung Fu. he studied martial arts at the Cloud Forest Chin Woo school in Winston Salem. Chris is also a coach for the Special Olympics
“Sifu Chris Lyle is our advisor in Classical Kung Fu, he has helped me to further develop our roots in both Northern and Southern styles and helped us to create a family friendly curriculum His knowledge of Emperors long fist and 5 animal kung fu has been very helpful” -Casey Martin


Founder of Honorable Fist Kung Fu
4th Level Black Belt- Sifu – Emperors Long Fist 5 Animal Kung Fu
Sihing Level Instructor – Running Fist Kung Fu,
Red Sash/Sihing level instructor- Full Circle Gung Fu

Class Schedule:

Challenge kung fu 10:30-11:30

Tuesday morning
Kids 9:30-10:30
Adult class 10:30-11:30

Tuesday evening
Kids 6:00-7:00
Adults 7:00-8:00

Adults Competition 5:00-6:00
Adults Gung fu 6:00-7:00

Thursday morning
Kids class 9:30-10:30
Challenge kung fu 10:30-11:30

Thursday evening class
Kids class 6:00-7:00
Adults 7:00-8:00

Friday morning
Adult class 10:30-11:30

Phone: (336) 995-8290



Sifu Alba is the first person to be promoted to Sifu/Full Instructor in Full Circle Gung Fu. He earned his Black Sash in May of 2016. Currently he is in charge of teaching at the Winston Salem location. Charles studied Fencing, Krav Maga and World War Two Combatives before training in the Full Circle Gung Fu system.

Recognized as the Second in command of Full Circle Gung Fu, in charge of developing the weapons portion of the art. Also furthering his training in Running Fist Kung Fu under Sijo James Robinson, and cross training with anyone else who wants to share.


Sihing Level Instructor – Running Fist Kung Fu

Black Sash- Full Instructor in Full Circle Gung Fu

Head of United Kali-Silat Association

Class Schedule:

Saturday 10am-12pm

Phone: 336-340-0736



My name is Cequence Henry and I am from Greensboro, North Carolina. I’ve been doing martial arts all my life and will continue to do it in the afterlife. At the age of 22 years old I have created and currently teach my own style called “Martial Arts Combatives”or “M.A.C” for short. M.A.C is composed of everything I have learned over the years and basically, what I do is teach my students how to survive. I teach out of the Greensboro Martial Arts Academy which is located at 719 West Gate City boulevard in Greensboro, North Carolina. I never thought I would quit a well paying job to pursue my dream to become the greatest martial artist I can be, but I did just that and plan to make an impact on as many people as possible while on this Earth, through the true spirit of Martial arts. The way I teach martial arts is different from most because I do not follow a traditional guideline. I am a non traditional martial artist which means I teach to influence the way people look at life and how a simple thing such as martial arts can bring confidence, passion, courage, and create leaders and thinkers. I help my students develop an increased sense of awareness. Martial arts is like a dance but the only difference is you get to hit your dance partner. By saying that, martial arts shouldn’t be choreographed, fighting is spontaneous which means you have to train your mind, body and spirit to flow and adapt to whatever life throws at you.

Class Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday 8pm-9pm

Tuesday & Thursday

Children’s Class 6:00pm-7:00pm

Adult Class 7:00pm-8:00pm

Saturday 1:30pm




Class Schedule:

Phone: 519-841-12794



Sensei Carl began training in Martial Arts in 1968 in Hapkido and in 1973 in Aikido. He is presently training with Sijo James Robinson in Running Fist Kung-Fu, Grand Master Tim “Datu” Hartman in the arts of Moder Arnis, Panatukan and Balintawak, Associate Master Francisco Vigoroux in American Kenpo. Sensei Carl Outram is a certified 3rd Dan Black Belt Instructor in American Kenpo Karate and Tracy’s Kenpo Karate and 1st Dan in Modern Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting). Sensei Carl is a Christian first and a Martial Artist second. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths.”


Kira Trombley has over 14 years of experience in Martial Arts, she began her studies in Kenpo karate in which she reached the level of Shodan and the title of Sensei. She then began training in Running Fist Kung-fu under the direct instruction of Sijo Robinson and is currently a teaching under his direction as a Simui of Running Fist.

Class Schedule:


Leaders Class: 6:00 – 6:50 pm

Kids Class: 7:00 – 7:45 (5-6 yrs old 7:00-7:30) pm

Adult Class: 8:00-9:00 pm

Free Style Class: 9:10- 10:15 pm


Free Style, Curriculum & Fitness: 9:00 a.m. -12:00 noon

Phone: (980) 616-6746



I’m Angelo Alexander,  CEO of The Chi Hsuan Min Kung Fu Academy in Concord, NC. I’ve studied martial arts now for 30 years. My martial arts background is in Shaolin Wu Shu which includes traditional styles such as Hsing-I, Pak Kwa Chang and T’ien Shan P’ia. I am a black belt master level instructor and 6th generation disciple under Grand Master Dennis Brown. I have also been trained by such people as: Master Samuel Scott of Full Circle Martial Arts Academy in Landover Maryland as well as Bakari Alexander and a few more of Dennis Brown’s first generation disciples. I teach both Traditional and Non-Traditional styles including: Wing Chun, Wing Chun Fundamentals, JKD, MMA, Boxing (both western and Filipino), Combat Kuntao Silat, Grappling which includes elements from Gracie’s Jui jitsu.  I’m a current student and Sidai of Running Fist under the direction of Sijo James Robinson. I’m also a professional fitness training specializing in weight lifting, Iyengar Yoga, Zen Meditation and Pilates.

Class Schedule


6:30pm to 7:30pm Kids Classes

7:30pm to 8:30pm Adult & Teen Beginner Classes

8:30pm to 9:30pm Adult Advanced & Private Lesson Classes.


11:30am to 12:30pm Adult & Teen Beginner & Intermediate Classes

12:30pm to 1:30pm Kids Classes

1:30pm to 2:30pm Open Mat to Advanced Classes & Make Up Classes

“ The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights. ”


Our Mission

To help the student develop spiritually, mentally and physically, so that he or she can readily adapt to the many challenges of every day life.